About Akrometrix

Our Mission

Akrometrix’ mission is to be the global technology leader in thermal warpage and strain metrology focusing on the best solution for our customers’ by providing either:

  • Room Temperature or Thermal Warpage Metrology Systems
  • In-House Testing Services

We act with a sense of urgency to our customers needs, are innovative in our product development and responsive to our ever changing industry.

  • Measurement techniques – reliability and ease of use
  • Speed of measurement and range of size
  • Low cost per test
  • Customer support and industry reputation
  • Forward thinking – next generation solutions ready when the market needs them

Mission, core values, competitive advantage and solid strategic planning – all come together to make Akrometrix a trusted partner to each of our valued customers.

Company History

Akrometrix is a Georgia-based company founded in 1994 to provide services and equipment to measure and resolve thermo-mechanical surface flatness issues in manufacturing and assembly operations, most notably in the production of electronic circuit substrates and components. Its pioneering technology was based on the research of Dr. I. Charles Ume, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Akrometrix licensed and commercialized the application of Dr. Ume’s technology, known as Shadow Moiré, which today serves as a crucial component in the production, and continued miniaturization, of advanced electronics products. Akrometrix has become the industry leader in real-time metrology emphasizing resolution of thermo-mechanical issues at all levels of electronic materials production, components fabrication and assembly processes.

Today, we have shipped over 350 Shadow Moiré systems to customers in over 15 countries worldwide. Our thermal warpage systems include the AXP 2.0, the PS200, and the PS600.  For room temperature solution, we offer our Table Top Shadow Moire system (TTSM).  All systems utilize our Shadow Moiré technology as the base technolgy.

Additionally, we have digital fringe projection and digital image correlation modules for use with our shadow moiré systems. This capital equipment is in addition to our Test Services, where we perform warpage and strain testing for customers who do not have their own Akrometrix equipment.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we serve customers worldwide via our direct sales and service teams and via our expansive network of distributors.


Akrometrix was founded by Dr. I. Charles Ume based on his patented shadow moiré technology. Dr. Ume served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors from the companies inception up until he passed away March 19th, 2019. Dr. Ume was a Professor and Director of the Advanced Electronic Packaging and Laser Processing Labs at the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. He received his Ph.D. degree in 1985 from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. He was a leader and world-renowned authority in thermo-mechanical reliability in microelectronic and electronic packaging, and laser ultrasound applications to weld quality monitoring and control during robotic welding processes.

Dr. Ume had co-authored over 240-referenced publications, 11 US patents, edited 11 books, and supervised the research of 24 Ph.D. and 43 MS students. He had received numerous honors and awards which include: State of Georgia Faculty Commercialization Awards,1993 and 2000; ASME-EEPD Best Paper of the Year Award,1997; ISA Society E. G. Bailey Award,1999; Georgia Tech’s Outstanding Interdisciplinary Activities Research Award, 2002; ISA Society Donald P. Eckman Education Award in 2002; Fellows of ASME (2003) and IEEE (2004); The Nigerian National Order of Merit Award, the nation’s highest honor in science and technology, 2003; ASEE Robert G. Quinn Award for Excellence in Engineering Education, 2004; IEEE-CPMT Outstanding Sustained Technical Contribution Award, 2005; Fellow of Nigerian Academy of Science, 2006; Georgia Tech Sigma Xi Sustained Research Award, 2007; ASME-EPPD Executive Committee Chairman, 2008-2009; ASME-EPPD Excellence in Mechanics Award, 2010; Co-Editor-in-Chief of Mechatronics Journal, 2001-2006; Associate Editors of IEEE-TCPT (1999 – present) and ASME-JEP (1996 – 1999); and General Chair of the 7th Mechatronics Forum International Conference, 2000. Prof. Ume’s former MS and 2 Ph.D. students won the Best Sigma Xi MS Thesis and Ph.D. Dissertation Awards (1987, 1997 and 2006).