TTSM Table Top Shadow Moiré

The TTSM (Table Top Shadow Moiré) Metrology System provides ultra fast surface topography for substrates up to 330mm x 330mm. Utilizing Akrometrix’s patented Shadow Moiré technology, the TTSM is designed for those customers who need to measure various substrates for it’s warpage in less than 2 seconds. With a z-resolution of 1.25 microns, the TTSM can be placed on a table for quick and easy measurements utilizing Akrometrix’s suite of software programs to allow for a variety of useful features to optimize and provide meaningful reports.

The TTSM can handle virtually any substrate and can accommodate either a 300mm wafer or 2 JEDEC trays. And with Akrometrix’s part tracking software – it can automatically detect repeating sizes of devices and report them individually. Weighing only 70 lbs, the TTSM is perfect for those labs or manufacturing areas who need a quick and reliable method to determine the warpage of various substrates.