Studio Platform

Akrometrix Software Suite

Akrometrix Studio is an advanced set of integrated software modules that work together to run all Akrometrix equipment.  The Studio software suite takes users from profile creation, through warpage measurement, temperature profiling, analysis of warpage data, and reporting seamlessly.  Studio software users will have nearly the same experience in working with different Akrometrix measurement technologies and different Akrometrix measurement tools.

The Studio Suite is broken up into a series of programs that work together.

Profile Generator: (Create temperature profiles)

  • Create thermal profiles graphically; ‘click’ to add temperature points and actions
  • Assign ramp rates, soak times and cool down periods using numerical settings
  • Set machine control action points by clicking on profile segments
    • Measurement points (capturing phase images)
    • Blower on/off points
    • Exhaust on/off points

ThermalProfilerSurface Measurement: (Measurement Setup)

  • Work from a live system view to setup multiple test parameters
  • Run multiple phase image and 3D measurement results windows concurrently
  • View displacement graphs and data when data is acquired
  • Work with multiple regions of interest
  • DIC, DFP, CRE6, and CM modules integrate seamlessly into the same workflow
  • Includes Part Tracking feature and option for Real Time Analysis (RTA) software

Thermal Profiler: (Measure warpage over temperature)

  • Uses test setup from Surface Measurement to apply over temperature
  • Load profiles from Profile Generator
  • Optimize thermal conditions: heater power, lower while heating
  • Immediate results feedback during profiling

SASurface Analysis: (In-depth data processing)

Analyze and compare 2D and 3D data sets

  • View up to 2 million displacement data points on each graph
  • Control multiple graphs on-screen at once
  • Mask areas and burn masks permanently into phase images
  • Calculate one displacement data set relative to another
  • Export data for further analysis into computational applications such as ANSYS and MATLAB
  • Draw 2D chord lines across phase images at any angle
  • Zoom, rotate, crop and export 3D displacement graphs in multiple format

Batch Processing

  • Apply masks, filters, chords, rotation and other operations to hundreds of phase data sets
  • Multiple output and export options for graphical and analytical analyses
  • Export data for use in Interface Analysis