DFP2 Module

Thermal Warpage Measurement Module

The DFP2 Module is an add-on module for the AXP 2.0 and PS600S models. The module uses the Digital Fringe Projection 2 technique to measure a field of view up to 120x90mm and down to 48x36mm with a measurement resolution down to 2.5 microns and 20 micron pixel sizes. The DFP2 Module can be quickly installed on top of the AXP 2.0 or PS600S oven with the shadow moiré grating removed. The use of the module is fully integrated with the Akrometrix Studio Software.

The DFP2 Module compliments the shadow moiré technique by adding step height measurement capabilities at high data point density. This technique is particularly useful for measurement of connectors, sockets, BGA balls, and assembled modules.

The DFP2 Module is designed to:35mm BGA with balls Zoomed

  • Measure out of plane warpage, specializing in discontinuous surfaces
  • High data density: 20 micron data point size
  • Warpage resolution down to 2.5 microns
  • Up to 120x90mm field of view

The DFP2 Module is offered on the following equipment: