CRE6 Module

Convective Heating Module for Reflow Emulation

The CRE6 (Convection Reflow Emulation) Module is an add-on module for the TherMoiré® AXP  system powered by the Studio Software. The CRE6 Module addresses the semiconductor industry requirement for maximum resolution surface measurement and effective reflow emulation with optimized top/bottom temperature uniformity, while utilizing convection heating.

The CRE6 Module enhances Akrometrix’s industry-standard shadow moiré measurement technique and offers Z displacement measurement from 2.5 microns down to sub-micron resolution. The CRE6 Module is the fourth add-on module for the expandable TherMoiré® AXP platform.

The CRE6 Module is designed to:CRE6

  • Most accurately emulate production reflow conditions for semiconductor packages
  • + 3.0 °C/sec heating rate
  • Sample temperature uniformity +/- 2 °C
  • 70 mm diameter circular field of view

The CRE6 Module is offered on the following equipment: