DFP2-LS Room Temperature SMT End-of-Line Warpage Metrology System

The Akrometrix DFP2-LS is a production floor warpage metrology system specifically designed to measure coplanarity of large PCB assemblies produced on SMT production lines for any organization manufacturing electronic assemblies where accuracy down to the micron level is required.

The days of measuring coplanarity with mechanical shim gauges at a few select points are gone.  With the DFP2-LS system, coplanarity is measured across the entire surface of a fully populated PCB assembly after the post-reflow process.  Utilizing Akrometrix newly released Digital Fringe Projection (DFP2) vision system, any Akrometrix Metrology System with this technology is capable of measuring a discontinuous surface with varying step heights over the entire field of view of the system.   In the case of the DFP2-LS, the U.U.T can be a PCB as large as 585mm x 468mm, where  the entire surface is measured in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

The DFP2-LS is paired with a SMT production version of Akrometrix Studio software which includes the Surface Measurement, Part Tracking and Real Time Analysis capabilities allowing to set pass/fail parameters, capture data for every PCB assembly tested and store the entire library of units tested, all set by the system operator.

Surface Measurement: (Measurement Setup)

  • Work from a live system view to setup multiple test parameters
  • Run multiple phase image and 3D measurement results windows concurrently
  • View displacement graphs and data when data is acquired
  • Work with multiple regions of interest
  • Includes Part Tracking feature and option for Real Time Analysis (RTA) software