AXP 2.0 Shadow Moiré System

Thermal Warpage Metrology Tool

The TherMoiré® AXP 2.0 is a modular metrology solution that utilizes the shadow moiré measurement technique, combined with automated phase-stepping, to characterize out-of-plane displacement for samples up to 400 mm x 400 mm. With time-temperature profiling capability, the TherMoiré® AXP 2.0 captures a complete history of a sample’s behavior during a user-defined thermal profile.

The combination of shadow moiré measurement and dynamic temperature profiling is the foundation of the patented TherMoiré® platform. Dynamic profiling is the most effective approach to analyze mechanical behavior induced by real-world processes and operating environments. Using the TherMoiré® AXP 2.0, engineers can gain a better understanding of the interactions between materials, packages, substrates and complete assemblies.

The TherMoiré® AXP 2.0 is an expandable modular metrology platform:

  • Powered by Akrometrix Studio Software
  • Up to 400 mm x 400 mm maximum sample size
  • Acquisition of 1.4 million displacement data points in less than 2 seconds
  • Enhanced temperature uniformity, utilizing both top and bottom IR heaters
  • High resolution measurement of small form factor samples
  • XY axis strain and CTE calculation, via DIC
  • Increased lab productivity with advanced, powered cooling
  • Support for reliability testing from -50°C to -55°C and reflow simulation to 280°C+, via Sub Room Module
  • Multiple part testing for increased throughput

The TherMoiré® AXP 2.0 can be used for a variety of laboratory and production floor applications:

  • Failure/defect analysis
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • High Volume Testing complimented by Part Tracking technology
  • Pass/Fail decisions versus industry standards, streamlined by Real Time Analysis software
  • Shape matching between attaching interfaces via Interface Analysis Software
  • Material and Design Choices
  • Characterization of Local Features and Step Height using DFP2
  • FEA Model Validation

The TherMoiré® AXP 2.0 Optional Modules provide advanced measurement, processing and throughput capability:

  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC) 2.0 Module
  • Convection Reflow Emulation (CRE6) Module
  • Digital Fringe Projection (DFP2) Module
  • Sub Room Temp Module (SR)