Currently sockets are most commonly measured with the shadow moiré technique in Akrometrix systems. This approach is based on capturing the housing of the socket and excluding the pinned areas via software data exclusion. By measuring socket housing changes, shape over temperature can easily be visualized without being dominated by pin heights. The same socket measured at room temperature and max temperature is shown in the images below.

Socket RTSocket Peak

This shadow moiré testing approach can be applied to motherboard sockets as well as test sockets. Along with component shapes and board local area shapes, socket warpage is also a critical component in effective SMT assembly. Further socket testing applications will come about through Digital Fringe Projection techniques. Digital Fringe Projection does a better job than shadow moiré approaches at measuring discontinuous surfaces. This will allow further socket testing applications such as measuring pin heads and interior socket surfaces.

Shape matching of sockets can also be applied through Akrometrix’ Interface Analysis software. Socket shape can be oriented and compared with PCB local attach areas. Introduction of Digital Fringe Projection may allow further shape matching of component shapes with interior socket surfaces.