High Volume Testing

In the many years of working with leaders of the microelectronics industry, Akrometrix has seen a dramatic shift in the use of our warpage measurement tools. Originally, Akrometrix tools were most commonly used in an R&D lab for development of new technology or design comparison. With industry wide acceptance of the value of controlling and monitoring warpage characteristics for reliable SMT attachment, Akrometrix equipment is now frequently used for quality assurance. High volume thermal warpage characterization is now a common approach for lot to lot QA at the component level.

Akrometrix has accommodated this shift in the utilization of Akrometrix tools through a number of software developments. Akrometrix Studio software has a smooth and fast workflow to handle large quantities of data in a batch processing fashion. Perhaps the biggest revelation in increasing both system throughput and reproducibility between locations and users was the addition of Part Tracking. Part Tracking is a software development from Akrometrix based on edge recognition technology. This software development allows automatic locating, orienting, and cropping of low to high quantities of samples inside Studio software enabled equipment.

The below images highlight Akrometrix Part Tracking technology. With this approach Akrometrix customers can test large quantities of samples per thermal run in an efficient and highly repeatable fashion.


Part Tracking