Akrometrix Announces First Shipment of FOWLP Panel Warpage Metrology System

ATLANTA, GA ― January 4, 2017 ― Akrometrix, LLC, the leading provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment to both the front- and back-end semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced the shipment of its first warpage metrology system specifically designed for FOWLP Panel applications – the AKM600P to a key customer in Asia.

Akrometrix has been supplying thermal warpage systems for more than 20 years utilizing the shadow moiré technique, and developed the ideal bridge tool for FOWLP applications – the AKM600P. This system is able to provide full FOV warpage metrology with a single captured image in less than 2 seconds for substrates from 50mm to 610mm x 600mm without any hardware changes.

Mayson Brooks, Akrometrix’s President states, “The AKM600P is the perfect warpage metrology system for customers as they enter the highly anticipated FOWLP market. Its bridge capability from wafers to panels makes its return on investment very favorable, and optional DFP modules expand its capabilities to multiple applications beyond FOWLP.”

For more information about Akrometrix’s warpage metrology systems, please contact sales@akrometrix.com or visit www.akrometrix.com.

About Akrometrix LLC
Akrometrix is the leader in thermal warpage and strain metrology for the front-end/back-end wafer, back-end packaging/assembly, panel and the PCB/component markets. The company provides both capital equipment and test services to measure warpage and strain in temperatures from -50°C to 300°C on virtually any substrate up to 600mm x 600mm, regardless of shape. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Akrometrix has been serving customers worldwide for more than 20 years based on technology developed at Georgia Tech. For more information, contact Akrometrix at sales@Akrometrix.com or visit www.akrometrix.com.