Akrometrix Announces the Release of the CRE6, Convection Reflow Emulation for Warpage Metrology

ATLANTA, GA ― May 4, 2016 ― Akrometrix, LLC, the leading provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment to both the front- and back-end semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced that the company released its next-generation Convection Reflow Emulation Module (CRE6) for warpage metrology.

The CRE6 is an optional module to the Akrometrix AXP shadow moiré system that allows a user to mirror the thermal environment of a reflow oven while conducting warpage metrology. The newest reflow emulator offered by Akrometrix, the CRE6 features increased heating/cooling rates and improved temperature uniformity.

Neil Hubble, Akrometrix’s Director of Engineering commented, “Akrometrix’s shadow moiré systems have become the industry standard for warpage measurement. With our CRE6, customers will be able to measure warpage on substrates up to 70mm (diameter) with sub-micron z-resolution in a convection reflow environment. Our aggressive heating rates of up to 5oC/second allow measurements from 25oC to 275oC with convective heating and tightly controlled thermal uniformity.”

For more information about Akrometrix’s warpage metrology systems, please contact sales@akrometrix.com or visit www.akrometrix.com.