Akrometrix Announces the Shipment of Its 300th Shadow Moiré System

ATLANTA, GA ― April 28, 2016 ― Akrometrix, LLC, the leading provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment to both the front- and back-end semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced that the company has shipped its 300th shadow moiré metrology system to a leading back-end company in South Korea.

Akrometrix began shipping shadow moiré systems for thermal warpage metrology in 1995, with the initial system being a PS88. Today, the state-of-the-art AXP shadow moiré systems are being used at virtually every back-end facility worldwide. With full field of view metrology with sub-micron z-resolution over a temperature profile between -50oC and 300oC in less than two seconds per image, the AXP is the de-facto standard for thermal warpage metrology worldwide.

Mayson Brooks, Akrometrix’s President and CEO commented, “Akrometrix’s shadow moiré systems have become the industry standard for warpage measurement. Our 300th shipment continues to demonstrate the wide acceptance of our technology as the go-to solution for warpage metrology. And, with our continued development of new capabilities, we expect Akrometrix systems to remain at the forefront of warpage measurement technology for many years to come.”

For more information about Akrometrix’s warpage metrology systems, please contact sales@akrometrix.com or go to www.akrometrix.com.