Akrometrix Announces Release of Convection Reflow Emulation (CRE) Module for AXP

Akrometrix LLC, the leader in elevated temperature surface characterization, has announced the availability of the CONVECTION REFLOW EMULATION (CRE) Module, the next generation add-on module for the TherMoiré AXP powered by Studio Software. The CRE Module addresses the semiconductor industry requirement for maximum resolution surface measurement, effective reflow emulation with optimized top/bottom temperature uniformity, while utilizing convection heating.

The CRE Module enhances Akrometrix industry-standard shadow moiré measurement technique and offers Z displacement measurement from 2.5 microns down to sub-micron resolution. The CRE Module is the fourth add-on module for the expandable TherMoiré platform.

According to David Markovich, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Akrometrix, “The Microelectronic Industry drivers for tighter mechanical specifications, such as thinner components with tighter interconnect pitches; require high resolution coplanarity measurements, combined with optimal reflow emulation, in order to fully understand the effect of assembly temperatures on the dynamic warpage of devices.” The warpage results collected with the CRE Module can be compared to warpage data of the corresponding PCB/Substrate land area by the use of the Akrometrix Interface Analysis software solution, for shape matching at critical temperatures throughout a reflow cycle.

The introduction of the CRE Module represents Akrometrix commitment to its customer’s requirements and providing solutions. The CRE Module is available for delivery in April, 2014.

Akrometrix LLC, the leader in elevated temperature surface characterization, was founded in 1993 by Dr. Charles Ume, a Professor and Director of the Advanced Electronic Packaging and Laser Processing Laboratory, at the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. Headquartered in Atlanta, Akrometrix supports over 250 equipment installations worldwide. For more information contact Akrometrix at info@akrometrix.com.